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In most cases, the care provided by a hospice is covered by most insurance plans.


If you have Medicare or Medi-Cal, hospice care is fully covered. As long as a patient has met the eligibility requirements, there is absolutely nothing out of pocket from the patient. For individuals who have a private insurance, the coverages vary, but in most cases hospice care should be included.

For more information, please contact us at: 909-675-7927 or email us: for more information.


There are strict rules for the eligibility of receiving hospice care. Medicare and/or Medi-Cal recipients are covered for full hospice care.

A doctor must determine that a patient is unlikely to live more than six months. It is not necessarily the case that a patient will not outlive this diagnosis, but rather it is a measure of the severity of their illness.

When a patient requires hospice care, they are at a point where their focus will shift from seeking treatment for a cure to simply having the need to be comfortable. It is important to keep in mind that Medicare will not pay for both curative and hospice care simultaneously.

In the case of private insurance coverages vary. The majority of insurances however offer similar coverages to that of Medicare and Medi-Cal. The eligibly requirements are also identical.

We recommend checking with your insurance provider on further details, or give us a call at 909-675-7927.